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This brand has invested in EPDs (and may also have material ingredient disclosures).
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Program Operator Consortium
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ISO 14025 Type III environmental declarations


ISO 14025 is the international standard for creating Type III environmental declarations. Organizations who conduct Type III environmental programs are called program operators (PO). The introduction to the standard states POs “may refer to declarations by any name, such as eco-profile, environmental product declaration (EPD), environmental profile and Eco-Leaf.”


Sustainable Minds' brand of Type III environmental declaration is the SM Transparency Report™. Delivered in the cloud, in three easy to understand pages, it provides all the functional, environmental and material ingredient information to make a purchase decision.


Scope of the LCA is defined by the life cycle stages included. Cradle to gate is the minimum required for compliance with green building rating systems.


C2GateCradle to gate – from extraction of raw materials to the factory gate

C2 Gate w/optionsCradle to gate with options – additional life cycle stages specified either in the PCR w/options or voluntartily reported

C2GraveCradle to grave – from extraction of raw materials through use and end of life


The Type III environmental declaration is done in accordance with the reporting requirements for that region: N. America, Europe, Asia or Global


CO2e, or carbon dioxide equivalent, is a standard unit for measuring carbon footprints. The idea is to express the impact of each different greenhouse gas in terms of the amount of CO2 that would create the same amount of warming.

Industry Average

Industry Avg (IA); Type III environmental declarations in the catalog are product-specific unless indicated to be industry average.


Learn more about ISO 14025 Type III environmental declarations.

Scope, Region, CO2E, Ind Avg
Studs Unlimited
Studs Unlimited - U.S. and Canada Industry-Wide Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Stud and Track
C2Gate, N. America
A portion of the catalog proceeds goes to the National Park Foundation
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e欧美性情一线在线 http首映在线观看全集免费完整版第 ,蝴蝶伊人中文综合娱乐网在线观看 蝴蝶伊人中文综合 Note: Expired disclosures can be used in a submittal package if the product was purchased during the validity period.
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